Thursday, May 7, 2009

Inspired by taiwanese in a taiwanese fantasy enrivonment. Set in a world where there is no space, no time only the emotions and yearnings of the figure. The scattered fragments of discarded papers and small cats, plastic candy wrappers all link to form the textual componant and textual subconcious environment of the figure. Dreams though a half-closed eye looking at the merge of cultures. The merge of things placed around us. Being a non-asian in an asian environment and taking things in, so that one is immersed in the beauty around.

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  1. The picture you set for the title of this blog is very pretty.

    I like the artwork here and I do not know (being very honest here) why I like it. I guess what I can say now is the distorted figure and the combination of colours that draw me into the details of your work. The artist has presented figures with the kind of weird and even 'exotic' charm inviting the viewers into something that is indescribable but highly addictive. In my view, such indescribable thing (or atmosphere, or whatever term shall do here) seems a reflection of the creator of the work, but we would never know what exactly such thing is. And I firmly believe such wonderful but puzzling viewing experience is the reason why I am interested in the work.

    I must confess that I am never interested in the so-called 'post-modernism', a term I don't even think appropriate even though Jameson and Lyotard has tried so hard to give a proper definition to it. I am not sure whether the artwork here should be put in this category though in my personal view it is definitely not one of them. In these works, there is something concerning the psychological change, or the emotional flow - be it the personal experience of the contemporary world or the plain expression of inner feelings. Besides I do not feel from these works the attack on the traditional techniques of artistic creation or the endeavour of the artist to give something shocking and bizarre concerning artistic presentation. Thus works having such characteristic would never be 'post-modernist'.

    Please give us more of them! Living in this consumerist world has turned us all into machines following rules and norms, especially those concerning profits. We do need art to balance ourselves and to satisfy our innermost emotional and spiritual needs.